Monday, April 23, 2012

Summer Vacation classes are in vogue

Summer vacation classes are in vogue

         With the onset of summer vacation, vacation classes are mushrooming in Kerala. These classes, which once focused only on extracurricular activities such as music, dance and drawing, have become a profitable business today.

 Many parents especially government employees consider vacation classes as a blessing. “It is quite risky to leave my 10 year old daughter alone at home as we both go for work during day time. Vacation classes provide a safe shelter to her”, says Pavithran, a govt employee.  “A student can opt for three or four different courses at reduced rates’, says Premaja, a high school teacher. Computer classes and spoken English classes are still in demand along with personality development classes. And if you want your little one to challenge computer speed, you can even easily find an institution offering special training in arithmetic calculations.
         In the modern times, vacation classes are not only meant for children. The Continuing Education Sub-Centre of Government College for Women offers 130 different courses for women of all ages, this summer. Courses include those on beauty therapy, fashion designing, embroidery, paper carry bag making and soft toy making . Private schools and nurseries aren’t staying idle, as they too have jumped into the bandwagon by conducting summer camps and organizing leisure trips.

         It is certainly better than sitting at home watching television programmes  and surfing on the internet, all through the day.

Friday, April 13, 2012

It’s time for Vishubusters

It’s time for Vishubusters

The month of April is considered to be the  time most suited for release of films in Kerala as it is vacation time for the kids and large number of families go to theaters to watch films. Populary known  as ‘Vishu season’, in filmy parlance, most producers the directors try to cash in on the holiday mood of the film buffs.

This year, there are many films which are gearing up for release in this season and the most prominent ones are ‘Cobra’, directed by Lal with  Mammotty in the lead role, ‘Mayamohini’ by Jose Thomas, M Padmakumar’s ‘Thiruvambady Thampan’ and ‘Aashiq Abu’s22 Female Kottayam’,   Grandmaster,  UTV’s only production in Malayalam , directed by B Unnikrishnan featuring  Mohanlal in the main role, ‘Hero’ directed by Dipan, Mallu Singh by Vyshakh, ‘Ustad Hotel’ by Anwar Rasheed and quite  number of  other  films are  to hit the screens within the next few weeks. The dates of release of some of the films would be decided depending on the acceptance of the ones that are already released. The IPL season beginning on 4th April has come up as a big challenge for most filmmakers as they are not sure about the effect it will have on the collections.Noone can predict which of the films are going to make the most of this season. and to know the As the tension mounts let us keep our fingers crossed.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Santhigiri fest begins

Santhigiri fest begins


            ‘Santhigiri Fest-2012’ organized by  Santhigiri Ashram in connection with Nava Oli Jyothir Dhinam was launched on 12th of this month at the premises of the Ashram, near Pothencode. The 50 day long fest will help the common man experience the mysticism of Indian culture and heritage The fest includes various exhibitions, seminars , food fest  and cultural programmes.
            The education expo at the fest is a cultural and knowledge fete featuring science and medical exhibitions, interactive sessions with scientists, soft-skill training, career guidance counseling, environment seminar and various cultural programmes. Competition sincluding science-ecology quiz, painting, elocution (malayalam), recitation, light music, group song and clay modeling are organised for college and school students across South India.

 A major highlight at the fest is the exhibition of vintage cars. Vintage models like 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air, 1939 Chevrolet Master Deluxe, 1947 Ford Super Deluxe, 1961 Volkswagen Beetle are the major attraction at  the pavilion.

 Vismayanauk’, a 3D mini theatre and pavilion is one of the biggest crowd-pullers at the expo. Built in the shape of a life-sized boat, it is an initiative of Santhimahima, the youth wing of the Santhigiri Arts and Cultural Department. The 3D theatre showcases documentaries on socially-relevant themes. It also has demonstration of 3D technology, sale and exhibition of 3D gadgets, 3D books, and 3D cameras. An adjacent artificial lake and a lighthouse, combines to create an illusion of being on board a real ship which makes a stunning impression on the visitors.

 Santhigiri Healthcare and Research Organisation set up the Health Fair and the healthcare pavilion. It disseminates the message of spiritualityand the need to preserve and propagate the traditional systems of medicine such as Ayurveda and Siddha. Medicare kiosks, stalls representing every system of medicine, seminars and awareness classes on a variety of medical issues, special camps for uncommon ailments, health-related quiz and counselling centres are the other highlights at this pavilion.

 ‘Krishi Mela,' the agriculture fair is being organised in collaboration with State Department of Agriculture and State Horticultural Mission. The mela aims at helping the farmers acquaint themselves with modern mechanized farming techniques.

 'Samskarikothsavam', the art and handicraft gallery at the expo, features several stalls including the TRIBES India by TRIFED and 'Kalatheertham'. Exotic vegetarian dishes from diverse cuisines are also available at the Fest. The fest will conclude on May 31st.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Eggs have arrived

Easter Eggs have arrived

Yet another time of celebration have arrived for Christians. Easter, the day to remember the resurrection of Jesus is one among the holy days for followers of Christ. Easter is celebrated on Sunday and marks the end of the lent season. Easter represents the victory over dead and sinners, commemorating it as a joyous occasion.

Easter eggs represent a main part of the celebrations in Western countries . Nowadays it is popular in India as well. In Trivandrum, popular bakeries experienced a huge demand for these Easter eggs. An egg symbolizes life and when it hatches, it brings forth new life. The Easter egg stands for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Both dark chocolate and milk chocolate eggs are available. Pastries and plum cakes were also among the favorites during this season.

The midnight mass at Church  symbolizes a sign of togetherness where the candles are lit and all pray together. The best part of Easter  is the opportunity it provides for the members of the family scattered to come together and participate the grand feast. It is an occasion worth treasuring especially in today’s highly pressurized work environment. In the present days hectic lifestyle in which the time spent at home is less as compared to time spent at work,Easter gives the family some cherishable moments.